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Post-Judgment Receiverships

Receivers can also be used to enforce or effectuate a judgement. There are a number of ways this can arise. For example, in the City of Elk Grove there was a property that was the site of substantial criminal activity, but the code violations were not sufficient for a Health and Safety Receivership. The Property was the site of substantial criminal activity that included numerous drug deals, shootings, and other nefarious activity. Therefore, the Sacramento County Court declared the Property a public nuisance on April 17, 2019. However, even after the Property was declared a public nuisance none of the occupants left and the criminal activity continued. In order to enforce the Court’s judgment the Court appointed Gerard F. Keena II from Bay Area Receivership Group as a Receiver over the Property on August 5, 2019. Within a few months of Gerard’s appointment the occupants were cleared from the Property, the criminal activity was resolved, and the Property was sold to a responsible owner, which was celebrated by everyone in the neighborhood.