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Gerard Keena Appointed Over Nuisance Property in Oakland

On September 2, 2020 the Alameda County Superior Court appointed Gerard F. Keena II over 4110 Fruitvale, Avenue in Oakland California. This Property has been a nuisance for years and is the site of what appears to be an illegal industrial recycling center in the middle of a residential neighborhood. Neighbors report drilling and working at all hours of the night, then illegal dumping strewn about their streets every morning. Despite repeated attempts by neighbors to speak with the Property Owner nothing has ever been accomplished. This is because the Property owner simply ignores or threatens his neighbors. This situation left the Oakland City Attorney’s Office no other choice but to seek the appointment of a Receiver to bring the nuisance conditions at 4110 Fruitvale under control.

On September 2, 2020 the Hon. Judge James Reilly of the Alameda County Superior Court reviewed the City of Oakland’s hundreds of pages of documents supporting the need for the receivership petition, as well as several declarations from the neighbors impacted by the nuisance and appointed Gerard Keena as Receiver in Alameda County Case RG19043608.

Now that Gerard has been appointed as Receiver he and his team at Bay Area Receivership Group will begin the process of working to abate the nuisance conditions at the Property and bringing peace to the neighborhood.