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On December 16, 2019, the Hon. Michael Mattice confirmed the receivership sale of 104 Greenwood to Esther Son for $351,000. 104 Greenwood had been a longstanding nuisance in the community for seventeen years, which is when the Owner of the Property passed away.

After 17 years of blight the City of Vallejo had enough, and filed a Petition with the Solano County Superior Court to appoint Bay Area Receivership Group on March 13, 2019, the filing of the Petition created Solano County Case #FCS052494. Three months after the Petition was filed, Bay Area Receivership Group was appointed over the Property on June 27, 2019. Upon the appointment of Gerard F. Keena II from Bay Area Receivership, the Receiver immediately began working to abate the Property. Gerard was able to hire a contractor within weeks of being appointed, and the Property was fully rehabilitated within two months.

Once the rehabilitation of the Property was completed, it was then listed for sale and an auction pursuant to California Code of Civi Procedure section 701.510 was held. At the receivership auction Esther Son bought the Property for $351,000. Once the sale was completed the City of Vallejo, Receiver, and the daughter of the deceased Owner’s stipulated to the sale. At the hearing on December 16, 2019, to confirm the sale the Hon. Michael Mattice praised Gerard Keena’s work on the case. The Hon. Michael Mattice also praised the Receivership remedy and thanked Ryan Griffith, Esq. the attorney for Bay Area Receivership Group for introducing the remedy to Vallejo when he worked for the Vallejo City Attorney’s Office in 2014.

As an aside Judge Mattice was assigned to hear all receivership cases back in 2014, and since that assignment he has heard over fifty receivership cases brought by different cities in Solano County. Unfortunately, Judge Mattice will be retiring as of January 1, 2020, but his knowledge and expertise on the receivership remedy will be missed.

The final step to closing out the case is Interpleading (depositing) the remaining funds from the $351,000 sale into the Probate case that was opened by the Owner’s daughter on August 19, 2019.