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Criminal Receiverships

Another way to utilize the receivership remedy is to preserve property that is involved in criminal activity and pay restitution to the victims of the criminal activity. Often if a person is arrested and incarcerated the question becomes what happens to their assets? A recent example of when a receiver was sought is in a criminal case is when Bernie Madoff was incarcerated for his multi-billion dollar ponzi scheme. Although, the ponzi scheme fell apart

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What is a Court Appointed Receiver?

When people hear the term receiver they may think of NFL Hall of Famer Jerry Rice, but a Court-Appointed Receiver is a whole other ball game. The use of Court-Appointed Receivers began in the Old English Chancery Courts and were often used to take control of an estate that did not have an heir. For example, in the 1500s when a King died without a son or heir to take over the kingdom, what happened

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On July 26, 2019, the City of Elk Grove successfully petitioned the Sacramento County Superior Court in Sacramento County Case #34-2017-00226691 to appoint Bay Area Receivership Group over a nuisance Property located at 6136 Demonte Way Elk Grove, California. The property has been the site of substantial criminal activity, and has made the news for the issues it has caused several times. Bay Area Receivership Group is now working to clear the occupants from the