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Trusts and Estates Receiverships

The intersection of trusts, wills and other estate documents and receiverships is a common occurrence. For example, a common reason that health and safety receiverships occur is that an owner passes away without any known heirs, or intestate. In situations where an owner passes away without any known heirs or intestate the property becomes abandoned and overrun, which makes the appointment of a health and safety receiver necessary. Another common occurrence is that a trustee

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What is a Court Appointed Receiver?

When people hear the term receiver they may think of NFL Hall of Famer Jerry Rice, but a Court-Appointed Receiver is a whole other ball game. The use of Court-Appointed Receivers began in the Old English Chancery Courts and were often used to take control of an estate that did not have an heir. For example, in the 1500s when a King died without a son or heir to take over the kingdom, what happened

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Ryan Griffith Presents to County Counsel Association and How Public Administrators Can Use the Receivership Remedy

On March 5, 2020 Ryan Griffith presented to the County Counsel Association in San Diego at the WestGate Hotel regarding Receiverships. The presentation brought up very interesting points related to how Receiverships and Conservatorships can work together. It also brought up some complex legal issues that Bay Area Receivership Group’s legal team is researching.